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FrancesHello, and welcome to Frances Online! I'm pleased to have you visit my site today. A little by way of introduction...
    I'm a proud Mother and Grandmother of two sons, two daughters, six grandchildren and twelve great-grandchildren. Unfortunately, most of them live elsewhere, but I do have one daughter close by. I'm eagerly expecting another grandbaby this summer!
    I recently returned to painting after a hiatus of many years. As a school girl, I was blessed with a teacher who inspired me to experiment with watercolors. Eventually, I discovered oil painting and created numerous pieces, most of which have disappeared over the years. (If you happen to have one, I'd love to see it again, and perhaps photograph it for display on this site, so please do contact me!)
    Having recently discovered watercolor pencils, that creative "bug" bit me once again, and I've greatly enjoyed this medium. I now have a lovely, big set of watercolor pencils which I am enjoying tremendously. At present I have no plans to return to oils, but then I never anticipated returning to painting at all, so who knows? Through the years, I've also done some portrait work and particularly enjoy children as subjects.
   My beautiful cat, Chico, keeps me company at home. Having been raised on a working ranch out west, I've always had a love of animals, thus you'll find them as subjects in many of my paintings.
   I also enjoy the art of the written word, and have authored some poems and short stories which will soon appear on this site. Please be sure to return and check out the "pen" section from time to time.
   I admit to being something of a recluse (that eccentric artist thing!) and enjoy my private time. I spend some of that time on the Internet and a greater amount of it in pursuing my hobbies: painting and writing. I also enjoy music, and even spent a few years playing keyboard in a small dance band. Once in a while I'm still known to entertain my feline friends with a few keyboard tunes! :-)
   If you enjoy my site, please get in touch. I enjoy hearing from old friends and making new ones. Thanks for stopping by Frances Online. Please come back soon and often!
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